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Tell Us a Food Story

What do you see?

What do you smell?

What do you feel?

Deeply rooted in personal connections and primordial cultures, food transcends borders and decades. It can break down societal barriers, unite friends and foes, and nourish both the body and the soul. Food can eliminate loneliness. It can invoke nostalgia.

Everyone – from every background, in every country, of all ages – is given a guaranteed connection with the whole of humanity by the simple necessity of having to eat. All cultures leverage food as a way to build traditions and honor history. It’s a golden thread tying us all back to a sense of global community.

At Candid Fare, we want to build connections by uncovering these personal memories that make us all human. We hope to inform and inspire our readers to be active listeners, ask questions, and dive deeper into their own histories & cultural identities through food memories. We are excited to listen, have conversations, and consciously share these untold stories.

We are curious:

Why does this food memory stand out to you? 
How is this memory tied to your history, culture, and identity? 
How has food affected who you are?

Join us as we
break down barriers, uncover connections, & build our collective community
through all our food memories

Kate Stanley

Christmas Tree ~ Onions ~ Safe

“This memory has created a want to have something special like that, surrounding food. Food for me always meant celebration and togetherness. I like to cook for myself and others. My colander is my grandmother’s. It is so old, but it is hers, and I will never get rid of it.”


Karrie Miner

Laughter ~ Earth ~ Contentedness

“I hear laughter and smell the earth and ocean. I can also taste the earth, because Paco’s hands were covered in soil. He was gardening, his hands in the earth, so when he would open the pine nut to share with us, we would taste the soil on his hands.”


Timi Reedy

Dawn ~ Bacon ~ Cozy

“Music is so tied into my memories of the shade trees and lemonade and kids running around and falling asleep in hide and seek spots. Oh, and the food was omnipresent. It was incredible. Those memories are tremendously rich.”


Mamadou Savane

Community ~ Sautéed Chicken ~ Respect

“It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to have something in your belly in order to function. Therefore, wasting food is not something that would be accepted in my culture. We respect food because it is part of us.”



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About The Photography:

This series is entirely shot on a 120mm film with a 1950s 1000F Hasselblad camera. As a primarily analogue photographer, Cebe has found that the aesthetic qualities of the medium (i.e., control of grain, sensitivity to light, mature color palettes) are unmatched. To feel the amber of rich soil, the textured skin of a ripe orange, or the pale tenderness of a friend’s eye creases—Candid Fare’s medium of sensitive expression is color film. 

From loading the film, to using a light meter, to adjusting for exposure, frame, and focus, this camera demands patience and time. In contrast to rapid-fire, digital documentary capturing, this analogue workflow allows us the space and time to speak and connect with the individuals we are photographing.

Additionally, Cebe’s vintage camera serves as a point of conversational interest between subject and photographer. Questions arise such as: “Why are you using such an old camera?” “Can you even buy those anymore?” “How did you learn to use such as camera?” In this space that allows questions about the artist’s processes, the subject’s anxieties begin to dissipate through relaxed conversation. These talks soon veer away from the camera and into a more open and intimate discussion of the food stories we have gathered to talk about. The analogue camera as a social tool for Candid Fare’s work is an essential element for breaking down the power dynamics inherent in the art of photography.

Candid Fare is a collaborative platform with our participants. It provides a space for our partners to share their food stories, cultures, histories, and identities with a larger audience while also retaining authorship over their own stories.  We are passionate about paying homage and respect to everyone’s individual stories, lineages, and origins.

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