Chicago Dinners

Salon Dinners

Join us as we uncover food memories
and explore connections during our community dinners.

What is a salon dinner?

Salon dinners convene individuals in thought-provoking conversation around a thematic topic over a shared meal. Each experience fosters an environment where attendees feel comfortable getting to know new people with different viewpoints, backgrounds, ideas, and stories through an engaging conversation in an intimate setting.

Food and conversation go hand-in-hand, and we are always curious to learn more about people’s food memories, cultures, and stories—and what better way than around a table?

Each dinner will transport attendees into a different theme/topic through a three-course meal accompanied by a lively discussion and surprise treats!


“Peas in a Pod”

Fall 2022

“Geographies Of Nature”

Spring/Summer 2022

Local Partnerships

Candid Fare dinners highlight a local non-profit, organization, or small business making positive changes in our food systems and the local community. Each partner will be announced as a surprise guest upon arrival. We are proud to highlight the good work being done in, and around, the Chicago-land area.

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