Kendall Hill

Pans ~ Spices ~ Warmth

“You can be creative with every meal that you make, thinking on the fly, or asking what a dish needs that it didn’t have last time. I think about that all the time when I am making food. It reflects how you want to interact with the world. Food brings out my need to explore, and I give attention to that.”

Natalia Trawkowski

Kaleidoscope ~ Pickles ~ Love

“The fresh baguette was the foundation of the breakfast spread; the loaf would be sliced into tens of little pieces, buttered, and layered with various ingredients. My favorite was my dziadek’s homemade apricot marmalade, but savory bites included: deli meats, patés, sliced and spreadable cheeses, hard boiled eggs, sałatka jarzynowa…”

Branden Marty

Honey Super ~ Sweetness ~ Humidity

“We would spend hours in the fields amongst his supers, and honey bees, and he would share the story of the honeybee and its importance to our ecosystems. I was in my little bee keepers suit that he handmade for me. He was a very creative man.”

Sarah Hernandez

Aunt ~ Toast ~ Warmth

“Food has this beautiful quality that allows for connection, not only with other people, but with yourself. I find that when I have the opportunity to eat a meal, an ingredient, something that reminds me of home, it is a sincere and intimate feeling that cannot be replicated.”

Trinity Pierce

Dried Leaves ~ Earth ~ Serenity

“Incredible worlds have opened up, and now I try different kinds of foods as a companion with tea. In the warmer months, I shift to sun tea. I enjoy witnessing the color change from my porch, and throwing in the rosehips, the mint leaves, and watching the sun help open them up.”

Alex Williams

Forest ~ Soil ~ Aliveness

“Carving out time to make a nourishing meal for myself is no different from making a potion! Cooking and eating is a process of alchemical creation, uniting the unique personalities of different foods and herbs, and transforming them via the elements (earth, water, fire, air) into a joyous and sensuous experience of nourishment.”

Mason Galecki

Together ~ Fresh Air ~ Happy

“The sun is going down, it is golden hour, and the temperature is just right. There is a little breeze, and you can smell the chicken and the potatoes. It’s euphoric! We all line up for food, and the cowboy serving us has a big gray beard and gallon hat.”

Kyla Peal

Dumplings ~ Tradition ~ Comfort

“It’s so cute to think of little Kyla being so enamored. It was the combination of the soy sauce, the crispy dumpling, and the pork filling. A lightbulb turned on in my little-kid head.”

Geneva Boyett

Kinship ~ Flour ~ Belonging

“It is an incredible thing to feel totally content and happy surrounded by your own kin, preparing one of the things you love most (food!). And then  to gift it to family/friends, knowing that those ingredients will be turned into energy, and nourishment, for their bodies—it is such a rewarding, and near spiritual, experience.”

Shan Shan Song

Family · Mala · Joyful

“In Chinese, ‘báifàn’, means rice, but ‘fàn’, as a word, can also mean dinner, or a meal. This translation is special to me, and makes me think of abundance, and collective sharing.”