Kendall Hill

Pans ~ Spices ~ Warmth

“You can be creative with every meal that you make, thinking on the fly, or asking what a dish needs that it didn’t have last time. I think about that all the time when I am making food. It reflects how you want to interact with the world. Food brings out my need to explore, and I give attention to that.”

Natalia Trawkowski

Kaleidoscope ~ Pickles ~ Love

“The fresh baguette was the foundation of the breakfast spread; the loaf would be sliced into tens of little pieces, buttered, and layered with various ingredients. My favorite was my dziadek’s homemade apricot marmalade, but savory bites included: deli meats, patés, sliced and spreadable cheeses, hard boiled eggs, sałatka jarzynowa…”

Branden Marty

Honey Super ~ Sweetness ~ Humidity

“We would spend hours in the fields amongst his supers, and honey bees, and he would share the story of the honeybee and its importance to our ecosystems. I was in my little bee keepers suit that he handmade for me. He was a very creative man.”

Sarah Hernandez

Aunt ~ Toast ~ Warmth

“Food has this beautiful quality that allows for connection, not only with other people, but with yourself. I find that when I have the opportunity to eat a meal, an ingredient, something that reminds me of home, it is a sincere and intimate feeling that cannot be replicated.”

Trinity Pierce

Dried Leaves ~ Earth ~ Serenity

“Incredible worlds have opened up, and now I try different kinds of foods as a companion with tea. In the warmer months, I shift to sun tea. I enjoy witnessing the color change from my porch, and throwing in the rosehips, the mint leaves, and watching the sun help open them up.”

Alex Williams

Forest ~ Soil ~ Aliveness

“Carving out time to make a nourishing meal for myself is no different from making a potion! Cooking and eating is a process of alchemical creation, uniting the unique personalities of different foods and herbs, and transforming them via the elements (earth, water, fire, air) into a joyous and sensuous experience of nourishment.”