Mamadou Savane

Community ~ Sautéed Chicken ~ Respect

“It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to have something in your belly in order to function. Therefore, wasting food is not something that would be accepted in my culture. We respect food because it is part of us.”

Carol Henry

Orange ~ Sweetness ~ Contentment

“It feels damp and smells green and sweet.”

Patricia Bunk

Noodles ~ Chicken Soup ~ Happy

“I walk into my mom’s kitchen and find homemade noodles on the counter. I smell chicken soup, a wonderful smell. I am with my siblings and my mom, and everyone is talking.”

Dominique Webberhunt

Working Hands ~ Hot Oil ~ Bubbling Broth

“Linoleum. Laughter. My grandmother’s fridge covered in magnets. Brown butcher paper.”

Philip Gilbert

Bounty ~ Fried Chicken ~ Welcome

“I am a suburban eight year old…I see a simple house and grounds with good cheer and an elderly Aunt’s appreciation for our visit.”

Chi Nguyen

Grandma ~ Garlic ~ Warmth

“When I recall a food memory, I picture grandma moving about the kitchen.”

Vincenza LoBello

Babushka ~ Sauce ~ Loved

“The house is warm and smells like tomato sauce and mint…”

Jean Galán

Darkness ~ Cardamom ~ Wonderment

“Food is shared and people want to share. People want to show you something, something that they have or something that they believe in or something that they’re proud of.”